JSON Beautifier - a.k.a Json formatter, jsonlint, Json viewer, json parser, json editor


JSON Formatter convert JSON strings to a friendly and readable format. The JSON Formatter helps debugging JSON data by formatting and validating JSON string, which is made possible by presenting the output in an easy to read format. ‎The JSON Formatter format json data and helps to view, edit and validate JSON.

The JSON Formatter is also a web-based validator, reformatter and editor for JSON to view, edit, and format JSON. The formatted data is presented clearly in an treeview structure inside a code editor. This free online JSON formatter creates a collapsible or expandable tree structure with highlights in colored texts. The JSON Formatter tool is also popularly known as JSON Viewer, JSON Beautifier, JSON Validator, JSON Parser, JSON Minifier, jsonlint and JSON Editor.

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is a language-independent, platform independent data format that is easy to read and write. JSON with its logical data structure and yet light weight is well known and highly popular for data exchange between systems. It is the most common data format used for asynchronous browser to server communication and is effectively replacing XML. JSON is derived from JavaScript and the media type is application/json with an extension .json.

More detail on JSON can be found from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON and http://www.json.org/