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JavaScript image cropper is an elegant yet simple to use photo cropper tool loaded with many cool features.

Here are the features: • Supports 38 options • Supports 27 methods • Supports 6 events • Supports touch (mobile) • Supports zooming • Supports rotating • Supports scaling (flipping) • Supports multiple croppers • Supports to crop on a canvas • Supports to crop image in the browser-side by canvas • Supports to translate Exif Orientation information • Cross-browser support

For more details on the tool and features, you may refer https://github.com/fengyuanchen/cropperjs

You can drag a picture or photo onto the image cropper screen. You can also use the browse button to do the same. The tools allow you to zoom in and out the picture, rotate, flip horizontal or vertical and crop by selection. Just try it out to give you the perfect experience of image cropping.