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The Internet Speed Test is primarily crafted to reproduce a real-world internet connection speed. This is a pure HTML5 Internet Speed Test without the need for Java or Flash. This is a Broadband Speed Test that is compatible with kinds of Web Browsers.

This is a very accurate and power online bandwidth test or Internet speed test. It works flawlessly and can be used to determine the Internet speed on all iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone and also the Android devices, and including platforms such as the Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

This tool provides users to perform a quick and simple, yet a free way to assess the internet speed provided by the ISP. Such internet speed test results allow users to compare the actual speed available and the actual internet speed that they have paid to their ISP.

Just click the button "Start Testing Speed" to begin the test. It is highly recommended to close any open tabs in the browser for best results. Keeping the computer idle is even better.

It only takes about a minute to determine two key metrics, which are the "Download Speed" and the "Upload Speed"

This is a free tool from which can be used for personal and commercial work. In case you are interested in checking out the original or wants to integrate this on your own website just head over to for full details.

A sample code is available at

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