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A meteorologist is a person that studies the weather. The meteorologist helps in weather predictions and forecasting. Generally, we see the weather forecasters or weather SME briefing us about the weather in television shows.

The weather conditions affect our life so much more than we ever know or imagined. Thunderstorm, hurricanes, tornado, torrential rains and floods are due to weather and it can also bring great damages to properties and environment.

The movement of air effects the weather condition. In the hills and mountains, the wind rises as it crosses over the edges and elevations. Air becomes cool as it rises higher in altitude. The cool air in higher altitudes produces clouds, rain, and snow, especially in the cold regions and mountain tops. In cities, the air gets hot as a result of the heat from surfaces and objects owing to fewer trees, pollutions, population, and congestions. These heat can affect the weather and produce thunderstorms in some cities.

It is very important to have Weather forecasting to predict the weather conditions in the future. The meteorologist can make a fair prediction for the upcoming 12 to 24 hours weather conditions.

To use the weather widget on the page, just input your city title. If you are from New York just type "New York" and then select the list. It is very fast and loads instantly.

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